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Cosmetic Dentist - Know More About Their Services
11 months ago

Cosmetic dentistry is commonly used to describe any dental work which improves the look of gums, teeth and/or bite. It mainly focuses on improvement of dental aesthetics in general color, size, shape, position and overall smile look. The most common types of cosmetic dentistry are orthodontic, prosthodontic and veneers. Others include cosmetic tooth whitening, bleaching of teeth and straightening, bonding of some teeth and gum lifts etc. Read more on dentist in Anchorage.


Cosmetic dentists perform different kinds of dental procedures. For example, some specialize in performing dental procedures such as gum lifts. Gum lifts are major type of cosmetic dentistry procedures. In this procedure, a gum lift is performed by moving the roots of the gum forward so that the tooth lies closer to the gum line. This helps to bring forward the aesthetic appeal of the tooth. There are other dentists who perform some minor procedures which are not very much significant like veneers, lumineers and straightening.


Onlays and fillings are other forms of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Onlays are also known as Inlay in UK and Inlays in USA. In this procedure, porcelain composite material, usually made of ceramic is applied over a hard material (usually metal) and then formed into a composite material which is usually porcelain. Fillings too are made from either metal or porcelain composite materials.


Most of the cosmetic dentist areas also focus their attention on the field of dentistry. In this case, there are a wide range of treatments that are performed by these dentists. One of them is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening treatment is usually performed for two basic reasons - one is to get rid of the discoloration on teeth and second is to enhance the color of the teeth.


Bonding is another form of cosmetic dentist surgery. Bonding procedures are also performed by these dentists. Bonding is a process which is done on the teeth by applying a thin layer of composite resin on the surface of the tooth. This process is known as dental bonding. In this process, the cosmetic dentist places bonding material on the surface of the tooth and then uses a veneer or bonding material to cover and close the gap left between the resin and the tooth surface after the bonding has been done.


These are some of the most popular treatments that are performed by cosmetic dentists today. Other services include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, bonding, crown lengthening, contouring and gum lifting. Most of the cosmetic dentist surgeries are performed to improve the overall quality of life of patients. Some of the most popular cosmetic dentistry services include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, bonding, crown lengthening, contouring and gum lifting. Read more on Anchorage dentist.


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